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Merck's Kevin Nalty Now Just Video Blogging Compulsively

When Merck dermatology marketing director Kevin Nalty was exposed as the purveyor of a wildly popular YouTube video consisting entirely of one long fart joke, you could have expected him to take a low profile. Drug companies tend not to have much of a sense of humor.

He did, in fact, take a trip to Bermuda, which should have kept him off the radar for a while. But no. Even though he's staying in a cabin on the beach, he's still uploading video that draws attention to himself. In a post a couple of days ago, he wrote, "It's not easy to relax during a media crisis, but I'm trying." Those links are to coverage of him, his employer and his YouTube hobby. "I have a hard time relaxing," he tells viewers. He then made a second video, which referenced the first, after the operators of the resort he's at invited him to dinner after viewing his first Bermuda video.

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