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Merck Dermatology Marketing Director Stars in YouTube Gross-Out Video

Merck dermatology marketing director Kevin Nalty has a side job: as a YouTube comedy star. Mediaweek thinks his output -- which includes a bit titled "Farting in Public" -- is "sophomoric" but Ad Age's Bob Garfield regards him as "quite hilarious." (Context: "Farting in public" has had over 1 million hits.)

Nalty's fame has even put him on the agenda of the ePharma Summit, where he ran a seminar titled:

You're on the Wrong Side of the Camera--Or, Learn How to Best Leverage Online Video from Someone Who's Created a Thousand
Here's his YouTube channel. He describes himself thus:
Kevin Nalts is a sophomoric adult who does pranks, candid-camera style shorts, sketches, and goofs with his four young kids. By day he is a marketing director of a Fortune 100 healthcare company.
BNET's take: Seems harmless -- most of his stuff is for kids. The reason it's interesting is that the drug industry is so buttoned-up it's surprising Merck hasn't sent him a stiffly worded HR memo.

UPDATE: In BNET's comments section (below), Nalty says "I don't do videos about Merck, and generally keep my online persona far from my day job ... And for the record, "Farting in Public" is up to 7 million views."

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