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Melissa McCarthy says she's a "billion percent" behind Jennifer Aniston's op-ed

Jennifer Aniston is angry

Jennifer Aniston is getting plenty of A-list support for her essay slamming tabloid culture -- with "Ghostbusters" star Melissa McCarthy leading the charge.

After Aniston spoke out about the relentless pregnancy rumors that dog her and the ongoing issue of body-shaming women in Hollywood -- in a scathing essay titled "For the Record" -- McCarthy has come out as firmly in the former "Friends" star's corner.

"Everybody needs to stop tearing down women," the "Ghostbusters" star told Entertainment Tonight.

One of her primary criticisms is the way that women are rarely given the same consideration as men in the entertainment industry, creating a double standard.

"It's always about the way we look -- saying, 'He's very interesting,' 'He's a good writer,' 'She's looking older than she was the last time we saw her,'" she said.

McCarthy said she's "one hundred thousand billion percent" on board with Aniston's call for a change in Hollywood.

"It's a ridiculous thing," she said. "I just hope it gets to the point where it's embarrassing for people to have such a shallow thought."

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