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Meeting Boy: 'I Couldn't Do My Job Without...'

Ever wonder what apps and gear busy entrepreneurs use to boost their productivity, stay organized, and maintain their sanity? In our ongoing series, we ask company CEOs, founders, and other influential business folks to reveal their tech essentials.

The Entrepreneur: Meeting Boy, fame-onymous Twitter celebrity (130,000 followers can't be wrong) and office malcontent.

The Business:, various posts around the Web, and whatever his pesky day job is. Latest venture: I Hate PowerPoint, the most-viewed presentation on SlideShare last week.

The tech tool that makes his life easier: "I had an iPad for awhile, but when I was traveling I was taking the the laptop and the iPad. Why? Because for a lot of typing, or dealing with several documents, the iPad was just not very good. Especially since I was having to mail documents back and forth to it, and then manually sync them with the copies back at my desk.

"Then a few months ago I got this Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2 (formerly known as the ZAGGmate) and the Documents To Go app. Now I can deal with documents in Google Docs, type locally, and have it updated everywhere. Plus I have a full keyboard.

"And the best part? People think when I'm using the keyboard that I'm doing work, not just writing MeetingBoy posts about what idiots they are or what apps/gadgets I can't live without. Though I am haunted by the idea that I have turned my super-cool iPad into a boring old laptop. But at least it's a really light, touchscreen laptop."

The Specs: The Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2 is $99. The Documents To Go app costs $16.99 via the App Store.

If you're a CEO, founder, or all-around Important Person, I'd like to hear how you'd fill in this blank: "I couldn't do my job without _____." Ping me at
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