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Media Roundup: Tina Brown Unleashes Daily Beast, DreamWorks and Paramount Split, and More

Tina Brown and Barry Diller launch The Daily Beast -- The latest release from two media moguls isn't a content provider but a news aggregator. [Source: PaidContent]

DreamWorks and Paramount split but share custody -- The two studios will work jointly on as many as 40 projects after their partnership is dissolved. [Source: Variety]

Newspapers hit hard by financial downturn -- Gannett has tapped its credit line and the Star Tribune is trying to restructure its debt. [Source: The Wall Street Journal]

Judge suspends RealDVD software -- Sales are halted while the court reviews papers to determine whether the digital movie-copying software is legal or not. [Source: CNET]
E-books are the future -- Portfolio's Jeff Bercovici reports from the American Magazine Conference, where TiVo CEO Tom Rogers and futurist Paul Saffo both look to e-books as the future of the magazine. [Source: Portfolio]

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