McMahon, If Elected, Would Serve "No More than Two Terms"

Linda McMahon and Richard Blumenthal
In Connecticut's Senate battle, Republican candidate and former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon is trying to take down Democrat attorney general Richard Blumenthal. McMahon has closed the gap in the polls. In May, Blumenthal held a 25-point advantage. That lead has narrowed to just 6-points today.

With election day just 47 days away, Katie Couric interviewed both Blumenthal and McMahon for a report on the CBS Evening News.

Each candidate was the same three questions. Their answers are embedded in this blog.

Special Section: Campaign 2010

First question, "What is wrong with Washington?"

McMahon believes in term limits, and thinks there are "too many career politicians." If elected, she said she would limit herself to no more than two terms.

Blumenthal believes Washington is "gridlocked by partisan paralysis." Using a boxing metaphor, Blumenthal said he'll fight "above his weight. Boxing above my weight by reaching across the aisle and bringing people together."

Biggest Challenge Facing the state of Connecticut?

"We need to put our people back to work," Blumenthal said.

"Connecticut's not creating, I think, the right culture to entice and keep businesses here," McMahon said. "Taxes are high, energy costs are high, and labor costs are high."

Biggest challenge facing the U.S.?

"It's clearly jobs and the economy," McMahon replied.

"To restore our sense of purpose at home and in the world," Blumenthal said.