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McDonald's: Jeff Bezos and 5 Other Famous Folks Who Worked There

McDonald's plans to hire 50,000 new employees today as part of a "National Hiring Day" initiative. These new employees join some pretty famous folks who have worked at Mickey D's over the years. Here are 6 celebs who I vote least likely to have uttered the words "Do you want to supersize that?"
1. Jeff Bezos The Amazon CEO says that he learned real life skills at McDonald's -- like how to cook breakfast quickly. He told Fast Company that "one of the great gifts I got from that job is that I can crack eggs with one hand. My favorite shift was Saturday morning. The first thing I would do is get a big bowl and crack 300 eggs into it." I wonder if he can still do it now.

2. Rachel McAdams McAdams admitted she wasn't an A-list employee during her stint at the Golden Arches: "I was slow -- I would be organizing the sweet-and-sour packets in the customer's takeout bag while the line snaked out the door." Good thing (for her fans as well as potential customers) that she didn't keep her day job.

3. Macy Gray This soulful singer didn't just work at McDonald's, she called it her "first big break" in a 2006 ad for the company. And that's not the only famous face that was featured in that ad...

4. Carl Lewis Another member of that marketing moment? This 9-time Olympic gold medalist, who's now running for a state senate seat in New Jersey, said in the commercial that his McDonald's job was "my first race around the clock."

5. Jay Leno The late night host shared with Oprah that his local McDonald's gave him a job, as well as his first taste of comedy success, when they hosted a talent show. Of all the people on this list, Leno seems to me like he'd be the most comfortable flipping burgers.

6. Pink
This pop star probably wasn't a superstar in the eyes of her boss when she worked at the fast food chain in high school. She admitted in an interview: "I was horrible...I'd be tripping on acid...and I would say, 'Could I have bathroom duty?' And I would sit in bathroom and watch the tiles." Perhaps her ex-manager will see this and her odd request will finally make sense?

Did you ever work at McDonald's? What useful skills did you learn? Please sign in below and share.

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