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McCain Supporter Fred Thompson Brings Rev. Wright Back Into Campaign

From CBS News' John Bentley:

(FAIRFAX, VA.) – Attacking your opponent is traditionally a role for the vice presidential hopeful on the ticket, not the person introducing the vice president. But at the largest rally yet for John McCain and Sarah Palin, it was former Republican presidential contender Fred Thompson who had some of the strongest language so far about Barack Obama.

"Frankly, I think Rev. [Jeremiah] Wright was correct when he says he's just doing what politicians do," Thompson said about Obama. "That's not the kind of change this country needs."

Saying Obama "has changed his position on every issue" that's important, Thompson also accused Obama of not having the requisite experience to be president.

"Barack Obama must be the first fellow in the history of presidential politics who thinks that running for president is a qualification for being president," Thompson said.

Some of Thompson's statements about the politician he was introducing seemed to the stretch the limits of credulity, however.

"Sarah Palin is the most remarkable success story in the history of American politics," Thompson said, which would seem to put her ahead of George Washington (winning the Revolutionary War, becoming the country's first president), Abraham Lincoln (overcoming poverty, ending slavery, holding the union together), and Franklin Roosevelt (overcoming polio, defeating the Nazis, being elected president four times).

UPDATE 7:30pm ET: Fred Thompson responded to this post. Click here to read his response.