McCain Leaves N.H. Early for His Day Job

From CBS News' Dante Higgins:

SALEM, N.H. -- John McCain's campaign day in New Hampshire was cut short after his first event, where he unveiled parts of his economic plan for America. He canceled all events for the remainder of the day and jetted off to Washington, D.C. for a Senate vote.

He spoke to reporters before he left about the bill he'll vote on, a mailer he sent out in NH attacking Romney, and about his courting of independent voters.

McCain's address to the Andover Corporation in Salem this morning was focused on the economy where he outlined his proposals to lowering taxes.

He proposed tax cuts for middle-class Americans and implementing systems to keep taxes low. He wants to permanently repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax. He also presented a ban on internet and cell phone taxes to promote innovation. The rest of his plan included fixing Social Security, Medicare and cutting overspending in government.

After his speech, McCain told reporters he had to return to Washington to vote on the omnibus spending bill in the Senate.

He's back on the trail tomorrow in Boston where he will campaign with Henry Kissinger.