McCain Celebrates Cuban Independence Day With Jabs at Rivals


From CBS News' John Bentley:

While celebrating Cuban Independence Day today in Miami, John McCain will take the opportunity to criticize Barack Obama for being willing to negotiate with Cuba's leader Raul Castro, the brother long-time Cuban president Fidel Castro, and for supporting the easing of the current Cuban embargo. "These steps would send the worst possible signal to Cuba's dictators -- there is no need to undertake fundamental reforms, they can simply wait for a unilateral change in U.S. policy," McCain will say today, according to excerpts provided by the campaign. "The embargo must stay in place until these basic elements of democratic society are met."

McCain will also call for broadening trade and strengthening relations with other Central and South American countries, singling out Obama's and Hillary Clinton's opposition to the Colombia free trade agreement as one of the problems with improving ties there.

Later today, McCain will visit "La Casa del Preso" (The Prisoner's House), a boarding house in the Little Havana section of Miami which is dedicated to uniting Cuban political prisoners.