Maybe the Universe Isn't Expanding After All

Hermey the elf in "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" studies quantum physics.
CBS Illustration
One time many years ago, I happened to visit the house where I grew up and the thing I remember most is how small the backyard seemed.

When I was growing up, it didn't seem small. When we played baseball back there, no one ever managed to hit one over the fence.

Then it dawned on me: When you're four feet tall, everything seems bigger. The yard didn't shrink, I got bigger.

I was thinking about that as I realized another Christmas was just days away. Remember when we were kids and we thought Christmas would never get here?

Back then, things weren't just bigger, it took every good thing longer to get here.

And here's the problem with growing up (I like saying that better than saying "growing older"): As the world around us gets smaller and events move faster, we slow down.

Like old cars, the parts wear out. We need more maintenance just to keep moving at all.

I was reminded of that yesterday when my wife interrupted the writing of this little piece three times to put in the eye drops I need for recent cataract surgery.

It's always something.

But the old car is still moving - not at the same speed but moving. And I'll take that.

Which brings me to my early, beat the rush, holiday wish for you. I hope all the good things that seem big to you now, get even bigger.

And remember the good news: The old car still has some miles on it, but only if you take it in for regular checkups.

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