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Mass. Cops Caught Snooping On Celebrities

Being a celebrity in Boston has never been easy, but law enforcement officials apparently have gone that extra mile to invade the personal lives of the city's stars.

According to a report in Wednesday's Boston Globe, police from across the state improperly accessed a criminal database to gather information from high-profile citizens.

The most popular celebrity search appears to be Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who, the investigation notes, had his file searched 968 times, with one query seeking to know if he'd ever purchased a gun.

Other stars mentioned in the article include actor Matt Damon, singer James Taylor and Boston Celtics forward Paul Pierce.

A crackdown on the offending authorities may soon be at hand.
The state's auditor, A. Joseph DeNucci, says the system is flawed and is often used by employees "without any apparent work-related justification."
DeNucci added that "disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal and/or criminal prosecution" could occur.