Marlon Jackson breaks down over mom Katherine Jackson's whereabouts

Marlon Jackson
Marlon Jackson in his interview with "The Insider."
"The Insider"/CBS

(CBS News) Katherine Jackson, the 82-year-old matriarch and guardian of Michael Jackson's three children is apparently at the center of a feud inside the Jackson family.

In a interview Tuesday with "The Insider" Marlon Jackson said, "We've been told that our mother is safe. She's doing well. But we have not spoken with her. We have not talked with her. And I don't know where my mother - I don't know where my mother is. All I know is she is in Arizona. And whatever doctor is saying, 'I can't talk to my mother,' you call me. I'm finished. I'm sorry."

At that point, Marlon Jackson walked out of the interview.

Katherine Jackson was reported missing over the weekend, but later found to be with her daughter Rebbie and other relatives in Arizona. She has not spoken to her grandchildren - Prince, Paris and Blanket - since leaving the Los Angeles area on July 15. Paris Jackson tweeted that her grandmother was missing and she wanted her to come home.

Kevin Frazier, host of "The Insider," said Wednesday on "CBS This Morning" that money is a motivating factor in the dispute. "This family is fractured right now because they feel that Katherine Jackson's health is in danger. They feel at the same time that the executors of Michael Jackson's estate are fraudulent and stealing money, as Randy Jackson has said from the family, there are many issues. But keep this in mind: Michael Jackson's estate was $500 million in debt when he passed away. Now, since he has died, it is believed that the estate has earned about $1 billion. His family, or at least Katherine Jackson, receives $86,000 a month as the guardian of the children to help take care of the children. Now, if you do the math, $86,000 isn't that much when you are talking about $500 million in earnings."

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Frazier said the children are not alone while Katherine Jackson is out of town. He said nannies and other family members are there to insure the children are not home alone. "There's a myth that the kids are running wild, they're home alone. Katherine is gone," Frazier said. "There's a lot of family around. There's always an eye on the children."

As for the family, they can perform together, but there's trouble off-stage, Frazier said. "When the brothers were at the concert on the stage, it was just pure bliss. When they come off the stage, then things seem to be fractured. But I was told by a family member on Sunday that everything was fine. Anyone who wanted to talk to Katherine Jackson could talk to her. There was no issue. By Monday, when I heard about the issues, there was all of a sudden a fracture in the family."

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