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Marketers Think Sales Pros are Chimps

I've sometimes been accused of "bashing marketing" but the truth is that I've seen far more bashing when it comes to the way marketers talk about sales professionals. After seeing some of the comments on this blog referring to sales pros as "sleazeballs" and so forth, I've come to the conclusion that many marketers simply don't like or respect sales pros. I recently ran across a video from a marketing firm, which reveals this attitude, big time. It's short and worth a watch:

Now, that's supposed to be funny, and I suppose the pun on "gorilla" is a bit of a chuckle. But what I think we're really seeing here is a view of how many marketing teams subconsciously view the sales force -- as a bunch of chimps (or chumps) who pester customers into buying.

Of course, I may be over-reacting. Here's a poll as a reality check:

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