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Mark Zuckerberg rethinks his Hawaiian land lawsuits

Hawaiians fight Facebook CEO
Hawaiians fight Mark Zuckerberg over land purchase 04:10

Mark Zuckerberg, the billionaire chief executive officer of Facebook (FB), on Tuesday said he’s reconsidering the process by which he’s trying to gain title to about a dozen small parcels of land on his sprawling estate in Hawaii.

The move to get the land through a unique Hawaii law angered locals and prompted a state lawmaker to propose a bill that would force Zuckerberg into mediation before buying real estate on Kauai.

“Based on feedback from the local community, we are reconsidering the quiet title process and discussing how to move forward,” Zuckerberg said in a statement. “We want to make sure we are following a process that protects the interests of property owners, respects the traditions of Native Hawaiians, and preserves the environment.”

Mark Zuckerberg responds to fake news controversy 00:30

Zuckerberg owns an expansive estate on Kauai, but he doesn’t own all the land on the estate. There are about 14 small pockets of land, some less than an acre. They originally belonged to Native Hawaiians who were given the land when private property was stablished in Hawaii in the mid-19th century.

Many of the landowners died without making wills, and it was never determined who inherited the land.

Zuckerberg’s lawyers in December filed a lawsuit asking the courts to find these owners so Zuckerberg could provide fair compensation for their land through the quiet title process, according to the documents.

Last Friday, state Rep. Kaniela Ing said he would introduce legislation that would force Zuckerberg into mediation before purchasing land on the island.

“We love Kauai,” Zuckerberg said. “We want to be good members of the community and preserve the land for generations to come.”

Zuckerberg’s reconsideration was first reported by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

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