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Map Out a 90-Day Strategy with Your Pals

Forget the five-year plan. Long-range plans don't work for careers because life is unfolding now, not four years and six months from now. New Year's Resolutions, good intentions, and slogans are equally useless because none offer robust, actionable strategies. What works: specific 90-day strategies.

The best run tribes that I know plan as a group in 90-day chunks. One tribe created-from scratch-an investment bank in 90 days. Another launched a terrific business, Ninety days is long enough to make something remarkable happen, while short enough to maintain a sense of urgency.

In order for your 90-day strategy to be successful, though, you need to make sure you and your "tribe" or network ask yourselves these three basic questions:

  1. What is it that would make our careers amazing, 90 days from today?
  2. What assets, as individuals and as a tribe, do we already have? (Write down the list.)
  3. What steps will we take to use our assets to accomplish our goal? (Write them down!)
Before moving forward with the strategy, conduct a reality check. Ask yourselves:

  1. Is your list of assets sufficient for the goal you set? If not, change the goal or find more assets.
  2. Will your list of steps in #3 lead you to your goal? If not, add more steps.
Want some more inspiration? Check out some of the other resources to help you achieve greatness, one 90-day segment at a time.

This four-step tribal strategy may seem unfamiliar at first, but it will enable you to realize your values and make a compelling future, along with a group of people who want to succeed-and see you succeed.

Deciding to make 2011 your best year ever? I hope you'll add a comment below, or shoot me an email.

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