Managing Millennials

Last Updated Aug 27, 2010 4:43 PM EDT

Even if you were born to boss, you'd do well to bone up on today's crop of 20-something workers. Called millennials, this vast and important generation of employees is our workforce's next big infusion — and, many would believe, management's greatest challenge.

Other news outlets have stereotyped millennials as self-absorbed. Coddled. Entitled. But such labels often mislead, and they certainly don't tell the complex and sprawling tale of this new generation. Which is where our seven-part primer comes in handy.

First our BNET Briefing answers the question, What is a millennial? Then Generation Y by the Numbers gives hard data about which jobs, perks, and work environments this generation wants most. Top business schools and companies like McDonald's explain how to attract and hire the best and brightest millennials. An MBA program dean provides advice on closing the generation gap. Bosses hailing from the U.S. Army, Deloitte, and Merrill Lynch tell how to overcome common hurdles and harness the talents of your youngest workers. Our Field Guide to the Millennial Generation offers tips on wrangling a few of the more common under-30 personality types. And a video interview with generational expert Lynn Lancaster gives tips on managing the millennials on your team.