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Managers' Survey: Interviewees Flunking Etiquette 101

  • The Find: 59 percent of hiring managers say that job candidates' manners have deteriorated in recent years.
  • The Source: A recent survey from Vault.
The Takeaway: With a plethora of sources of advice for interviewees, it seems like, by now, every job seeker should know the interview etiquette basics. But when Vault surveyed over 150 hiring managers, they uncovered a multitude of interview sins. Even that most covered principle of job hunting--dress the part-- is often overlooked (or misinterpreted). A full 87 percent of hiring managers have had candidates show up dressed inappropriately. But hiring managers encounter more extreme behavior problems as well:
  • 26 percent have had interviewees answer their cell phones during the interview
  • 43 percent have had candidates use profanity
  • 19 percent have had job seekers show up with a child in tow
It may seem sort of depressing that these etiquette basics need to be gone over again, but it is heartening for businesspeople who have their interview etiquette down cold to be reminded that all those carefully pressed cuffs and polite thank you emails may, in fact, make you stand out.