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Management Sins: Fatal or Foibles?

Slacker Manager puts a management spin on the Seven Deadly Sins -- pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed and sloth. It's more forced than funny.

But here's a wise one on the sins of project management
. I found 'stubborness" particularly honest, and that these sins could apply beyond projects.

There are no lack of entries around management sins. In fact, Google Books has a partial copy of the 1997 edition of "The 7 Fatal Management Sins," by John Collis (sample sin: short-term scare mentality).

The Game Dev blog cites managers for sins like being a dictator, not giving credit and picking the wrong team. Commadot has a short and sweet three-entry list, starting with micromanagement. The Slow Leadership blog takes on Macho management and categorizes almost a dozen of its ills.

Upping the ante, Grockit blogs about 13 common sins of management by Russell Ackoff and Herbert Addison, which includes a link to their free book.

Frankly, most of these things sound like foibles, to me. Is there really such a thing as a fatal management sin?