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Makeovers From Las Vegas

On Memorial Day, The Early Show kicked off a week-long series of makeovers from Las Vegas with our super stylist to the stars, David Evangelista.

Evangelista started the week looking for a makeover victim in the heart of "sin city" at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.

On Sunday morning, Evangelista was easily able to convince Nicole Rodan, a Denver, Colo. resident who was in Las Vegas visiting her father, to get a makeover. When Evangelista found Rodan, she was dressed in shorts and a shirt entirely too big for her body. She also wore her hair in a long, poofy-style and, Evangelista says, it desperately needed to be cut and colored.

So, Evangelista whisked his new subject of his makeover to the brand new Christophe salon in the MGM Grand.

The result of Rodan's change was revealed on Monday.

Her hair, though long and very full, was not in great shape, and she was about 25 grey, says Evangelista. She wore little to no makeup, and her clothing was inappropriate for her tiny frame, he adds.

Rodan is small and petite, so Evangelista cut off about 8-inches of her hair and layered it into a fabulous, sassy, shaggy short 'do. Next, Jerome G., a colorist with Christophe, colored Rodan's hair a gorgeous rich chocolate color, and added a few caramel highlights in the front.

"As you saw before, it was too much hair on her," explains Evangelista. "We lightened her up and gave her fun, golden highlights."

Makeup artist Lisette Jeffries-Waugh evened out Rodan's skin, gave her a lovely peachy cheek and deeper lip, and plucked her eyebrows into shape. And Joseph Federricci, vice president of merchandizing at the MGM Grand, found a hip, sexy outfit (cropped white blazer, jeans, jazzed up tank, and rhinestone studded thong heels) from Grand & Company.

"Clothing-wise, we went a little Vegas style," says Evangelista. "We gave her a little cotton white blazer here, a little electric blue tee."

Rodan says she will keep her new look when she goes back to Denver, and she likes the clothes and accessories Evangelista and his crew picked for her.

Evangelista notes, "It's great, because these are pieces you can mix and match in her own wardrobe, so it works."

Rodan doesn't think her 16-month daughter, Ashley, will recognize her when she returns to Denver.

"I think she'll think she has a hot mama," laughs Rodan.

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