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Make Your Brand More Interactive and Responsive

jungle-jim.jpgAdWeek ran a feature article, "How Consumers Help Build a Brand's DNA," that details how some companies use interactive marketing strategies to identify (and then respond to) customers' wants. Some examples include:
  • BMW found during a cross-country promotional tour that Mini Cooper owners didn't like their car's cupholders and front-seat mechanisms. The company responded by putting bigger cupholders and front seats that are easier to maneuver in 2007 models.
  • Netflix is running a contest that will award $1 million dollars to whoever can figure out how to boost accuracy by 10 percent.
  • Gateway launched the "Ask, Listen, and Deliver" marketing campaign to attract new customers by soliciting their opinions. As part of the campaign, promotional representatives traveled the country, asking customers what they want. The company is now making some of the requested improvements. Gateway is hoping this "positions the brand as more responsive."
iMedia Connection offers ten interactive marketing practices, giving examples of companies that successfully employed them. If you decide to integrate more interactive components into your current marketing efforts, keep this info in mind (courtesy of Knowledge@W. P. Carrey):
  • Interactivity creates a brand experience that will hopefully communicate the brand message through participation with its customers.
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