Make Online Dinner Reservations with OpenTable

It's Friday - just a few more hours till the start of the weekend. Why not celebrate by going out to dinner? Oh, that's right. The Gilded Truffle is always a madhouse, and making reservations is a pain in the neck. Well no more. OpenTable lets you place free, online reservations with your favorite restaurant hours or days in advance.

OpenTable lets you search for dining options by city or restaurant, and it has detailed information to help you make a choice. Most importantly, it's easy to make a reservation for any size party at a specific date and time, and the site shows you alternative options if your desired hour is booked up - great for popular choices like the aforementioned Gilded Truffle.

Thanks to Dining Rewards, there are even good financial reasons to become a frequent OpenTable user. Every time you honor a reservation, you get points towards cash back from OpenTable. You typically get 100 points per reservation (though it can be more) and 2000 points earns you a $20 reward. It's like being paid to eat out.