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Make Meetings More Efficient with a Team-Wide Dashboard

I'm always on the lookout for ways to make better use of time at work, and that's why wasteful meetings are directly in my sights. In the past I've recommended a variety of online tools for better managing meetings, like the superb I've recently found a similar tool that helps you simplify and organize meeting management, but it has a superb team component as well.

LessMeetings is a Web-based meeting manager that does all the stuff you'd expect to find in such a service. It helps you build and share the agenda, sends invites that interface with your recipient's Outlook calendars, and it tracks and shares attachments, notes, and action items. When you use the tool during the meeting, it tracks the agenda and time so you stay on track and end the meeting as scheduled.

All that works great, and will surely help you run better meetings -- especially if you don't currently use a similar tool and just kind of wing all of your meetings. But the feature I really is the way you can get the entire team or organization on the same page, so to speak -- if everyone buys into using LessMeetings, you can browse all the meetings and track progress without actually sitting in on all the meetings. Everything is searchable and browsable, and that means your whole team becomes more transparent and easier to work with.

You can try LessMeetings free for 30 days, but after that you'll need to buy a subscription. There are multiple plans to choose from; you can pay $12/month for up to 9 users, or as little as $8/month for 100 or more.

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