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Make Charts and Graphs for the Web for Free

Need to cook up a chart for a Web page? You could do it in Excel and export the result, but there are a few things wrong with that approach. It's needlessly complicated, which is always a good reason to avoid doing something, for example. But in addition, everyone has already seen Excel charts a million times. If you want something fresh -- and possibly even interactive -- check out

Chartle is a JavaScript-based chart and graph creator that lets you build all sorts of diagrams with just a few simple clicks. The site is free and doesn't even require any registration. (By default, all charts you create go into a public gallery. You can register for free to opt out of the public sharing.)

You can make bar, pie, line, and Venn diagrams at Chartle. Not to mention scatter plots, radar charts, org charts, and tables. You can create a number of maps based on world and US maps, including ones which rely on Google to generate interactive maps that use population, locations, lat/long, and more.

Perhaps the coolest charts at Chartle are the interactive annotated timeline and motion charts. Not unlike the charts available in Google Docs, your viewers can actually manipulate these charts after you publish them.

Speaking of publishing, when you're done with a chart or graph you can click the Publish button, which gives you an embed code you can insert in any Web page. The service is free, it's easy to use, and it lets you create some unusual-looking charts and graphs for your next online publication. [via Cybernetnews]