Magic With Hillary And Bill

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

DES MOINES, IOWA -- Hillary Clinton and her husband accompanied by former NBA superstar Magic Johnson descended upon a local Hy-Vee Supermarket on Tuesday while a fleet of Secret Service agents in dark suits and earpieces fanned out around a table of baked goods at the entrance.

The Clintons and Johnson posed for pictures and signed autographs as the press waited amongst ripe tomatoes and heads of lettuce in the produce section.

Although this was not on Mrs. Clinton's official schedule, campaigns often set up unscheduled stops along the trail in order for the candidates to get an opportunity to meet voters in an "unscripted" environment.

However, that's not always the case, given that most of the people sitting inside the market's cafe this morning were high school basketball players.

Sen. Clinton, dressed in a royal blue jacket with black pants, shook hands and greeted guests while much of the attention was focused on the more casually-dressed former president who was in a blue button-down shirt with a grey v-neck sweater.

It became clear that the media was more interested in following Mr. Clinton, despite his attempts to stay behind the scenes.

However, campaign staff hurriedly corralled the press along the fruit aisle so that Sen. Clinton and Magic Johnson could hold a brief media availability.

As Sen. Clinton was about to leave the store and a shopper asked her to sign a $1 dollar bill, she declined saying that it was "illegal to sign money."

But, the shopper showed the press the dollar bill and pointed out, "Well, Bill signed it."