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Madoff Says "F*** My Victims," Inmates Claim

Apparently, the jail-house harassment is getting to Bernard Madoff.

First, the federal Bureau of Prisons said the convicted swindler was treated at a prison medical center for dizziness and hypertension back in December.

Then the Wall Street Journal reported that his trip to the infirmary was caused by a beat down from a fellow inmate, identified as a "beefy man."

Now, New York Magazine reports, Madoff cracked when another inmate chided him for bilking his victims out of billions of dollars.

"F*** my victims," Madoff allegedly snapped, loud enough for other inmates to hear. "I carried them for twenty years, and now I'm doing 150 years."

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Of course, not all of Madoff's fellow inmates have a problem with the 71-year-old convicted swindler. Robert Rosso, serving a lifetime prison sentence, called him a "hero" on website he founded called "He's arguably the greatest con of all time."

Madoff is spending the remainder of his life at a federal penitentiary in North Carolina.

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