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Love in the fast lane with autocross engagement

(CBS News) The couple that races together stays together! All together now: the couple that races together stays together! At least that's what Jake Wile believes, and from the looks of this touching video of Jake proposing to girlfriend Maggie while fulfilling their need for speed, I certainly believe it. Check out this video posted by him that really puts the rrrrrrromance in race-car driving. And if you don't have a smile on your face by the end of this clip, you are officially dead inside.

Is this not the coolest couple you've ever seen? They were already kind of awesome in the fact that they like to race cars -- and autocross race at that, but this proposal was one of the best and most unique I've seen (save for the guy, who pretended his plane was crashing, but don't get my started on that one, because I would have said no!). Jake is so cool, that once he gets his yes from Maggie, he drives off -- without a steering wheel, and then casually asks for said wheel back. Bad a**, my friend, bad a**! Though Maggie isn't so shabby herself, teasing Jake that he messed up her times for the whole day. That a girl, keep those priorities straight!
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