Love Birds Expecting Stork?

Forget about Charles and Camilla. In New York, the couple of the year is Pale Male and Lola.

CBS News Correspondent Mika Brzezinski has the latest on the celebrity red-tailed hawks, who were once the center of controversy, on The Early Show Wednesday.

Turns out, Lola is Pale Males fourth "wife," according to Marie Winn, author of "Red-Tails in Love."

What's more, says Winn, Lola is apparently – "eggnant."

The happy couple once got their wings clipped by an exclusive Manhattan apartment building, which gave them the boot from their nest in December.

It seems the building's directors thought they were too noisy and messy.

This led to protests, and their eventual return.

Winn is thrilled the red-tails have rebuilt their nest, and may be reproducing.

She admits nobody's ever actually seen the fertilized egg, but Winn adds everyone saw what happened before the "mystery egg" arrived: "We have seen them demonstrating their pair bond. …How shall I say it without being "X"-rated. …Shall I say, 'boinking' on every rooftop?"

Talk about sex and the city!

"Four or five seconds is all it takes for them," Winn notes, "but it is a very powerful and productive act. Clearly!"

In fact, Lola and Pale Male's very public displays of affection have Winn and her fellow bird watchers dreaming of multiple eggs. "Three chicks is the jackpot," Winn exclaims.

Pale Male has been prolific in the past as documented in a film on his celebrated life in the city.

But we'll all have to wait at least 28 days to see if this rumored pregnancy flies.

To that end, Winn insists she's sure there's at least one egg in the celebrated nest.