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Lost Your Passion for Work? 3 Ways to Love Your Job Again

Finding your passion at workWith Valentine's Day this Monday, you may have spent the week thinking about how to bring back the spark with your significant other, but over at, Emily Cho is focusing on how to improve another very important relationship in your life -- the one you have with your job.

Maybe the old passion you felt when you first started out has faded, but you still have things to learn in the position. How do you rekindle your old drive to excel? Cho is offering ten suggestions, some of which, like sorting out your work-life balance and maintaining a positive attitude, you've probably thought of already. Others are more innovative. Here are three of her best ideas:

Start a Volunteer Initiative -- Giving back to society can create a great sense of well being. What better way to start then by organizing a volunteer initiative at work? You'll be bonding with your co-workers and doing something meaningful at the same time.

Meet Passionate People in Your Industry -- Start branching out and attend professional mixers and networking events. Passion can be very contagious and if you surround yourself with people who truly have love and dedication for their jobs, you might rediscover your own love for your job.
Strengthen Your Work Friendships -- Try to build up better working relationships by doing things such as attending more company events and having a friendlier attitude. After all, it's the people at work that contribute the most to workplace satisfaction!

Need more inspiration to increase your excitement for your job? Check out the other seven savvysugar ideas here.

What might be missing from this list? If you're less than thrilled with your job, don't forget that one of the easiest factors to control is your own expectations. As BNET blogger Penelope Trunk has pointed out, your career alone won't make you happy, and freighting it with all your hopes may be more than even a good job can bear. Get you spirits up by focusing on improving your relationships and life outside work and you may find your attitude and your passion for your work improve as well. Do you have any other ideas for rediscovering your passion for your work?

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