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"Lost" Fans Upset Over State of the Union Scheduling

After an eventful first year in office, President Obama may deliver his first State of the Union address on Feb. 2, to the dismay of fans of the television show "Lost."

The final season premiere of the ABC drama is slated to air that evening, prompting its avid watchers to launch a protest on Twitter against the potential scheduling conflict.

Under the hash tag #NoStateofUnionFeb2, Twitter uses have left comments like, "Come on Obama, this is really going to lower your approval rating," and "if BO preempts my LOST premiere, I'm gonna spontaneously rage out."

The State of the Union is typically delivered in late January, and networks anticipated this year's speech would fall on Jan. 26, the Washington Post reports, but the date appears to be in flux. Mr. Obama may be interested in giving Democrats in Congress a bit more time to work on health care legislation so he can highlight the finished bill in his speech.

The president, though, can never make everyone happy: If the speech were to air on Jan. 26, it would interrupt a new episode of the program "American Idol," which has also angered Twitter users.

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