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Lose weight: Slow-cook your dinner while at work

(MoneyWatch) Is your busy January workload already putting your New Year's resolution to eat healthier in jeopardy? It's hard to maintain your weight or lose extra pounds when you're eating catered meals in the conference room or picking up fast food after a late night in the office. If you're clocking 10-plus hour days, you might think about investing in a slow cooker. Throw your ingredients in while you make yourself breakfast in the morning, set it -- and in the words of Ron Popeil -- forget it. Go to work and your dinner will cook (slowly) all day long. Not only will your house smell amazing when you get home, but you'll have supper served instantly. Try these five healthy recipes below -- recommended by Chef Cheryl Forberg, RD, -- and get ready to recycle your take-out menus.

Enchilada Casserole

"This meal is loaded with veggies and fiber, which can help control blood sugar and increase regularity," says Forberg.

Turkey Chili

"This looks delish, but swap out the salt-filled "chili seasoning" for your own lower-sodium blend, using ground coriander, cumin, oregano and chili powder," says Forberg.

Vegetarian Lasagna

"Use fire roasted diced tomatoes for even more flavor. And swap the ricotta for the fat-free version -- no one will notice the difference," says Forberg.

Beef Stroganoff

"Switch the sour cream with high-protein, fat-free Greek-style yogurt. You get all the luscious creamy texture without the saturated fats," says Forberg.

Rotisserie-like Chicken

"Remove the skin after cooking to reduce cholesterol, fat and calories. Or even better, opt for boneless skinless breasts instead of the whole chicken. Just decrease your cooking time to avoid drying them out," says Forberg.

Do you have a favorite slow-cooker recipe? Please sign in and share in the comments section below.