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Looking at the Web Your Way

Where do you browse the Web? Chances are pretty good you use different computers at home and at the office. So you have different sets of favorites or bookmarks on different machines. But you can take them with you…wherever you go using a number of free utilities. One is from a company called SyncIT. That's S-y-n-c-i-t. Founder Michael Bernais….

"Bookmarksync is a small, free client utility which sits in your system tray and monitors your bookmark adding, deleting modifications. At the moment you change something on one computer Bookmarksync jumps in, replicates these changes to our server and the moment you log into another machine, it downloads these changes."
You can share your bookmarks with other users…or check out the ones being shared by them. Another good personalization tool is called Clickmarks. It lets you bring together content from a variety of your favorite Web sites into a single page view. Take headlines, for instance, from your local paper and put them on the same page with headlines from your favorite business, entertainment or technology site. You even control the layout. Clickmarks' Rizwan Tufail…

"I can configure not only where my news is coming from, what the topics are, but also the way it's presented to me."
And make the content available on computers at work, at home and on handheld wireless devices as well. You can find more info at You can find us at Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin for CBS News.

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