Look Who's Twenty... Pac-Man!

Well, believe it or not, Pac-Man has turned twenty years old. Who came up with the idea for that yellow dot eating ball?

"The inspiration for the original Pac-Man game happened when one of Namco's designers in Japan was eating a piece of pizza. And he took away a slice and looked at the shape of what's left and that was his inspiration for the gobbling character."
The rest, as they say, is history says Namco's Mike Fischer. To celebrate the anniversary, Namco is out with Pac-Man World for the most popular game platform around, the Sony Playstation...

It's very different. There are three basic modes of the game. One of the modes is the original arcade game. It's one hundred percent faithful to the arcade original and we also have a 3D maze version of the game that was inspired by the original game but the mazes are are 3D and there's a great variety of them, over twenty. But the real heart of the game is an action-adventure game we call the Quest mode."
Call me old fashioned. I like the original best. You can find more information and a Pac-Man screensaver at Namco.com.