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Lock and Unlock Your PC Using a USB Flash Drive Like a Key

Working in a busy office or in a shared workspace has many inconveniences, not the least of which is ensuring that your data is secure when you walk away from the PC. Let's be honest: Frequently re-entering a password every time you return to your computer is a pain in the neck. What if you could lock and unlock your computer as easily as inserting a key, as if it were a car? Well, here you go.

Password Booster Screen Lock turns a USB flash drive into a key for your PC. After installing the program on your computer, just register a USB flash drive, which then locks and unlocks your computer. Remove the drive, and your PC locks. Reinsert it, and Windows reappears. It's pretty much that simple.

And the software is flexible. It doesn't override the usual Windows login system, so you can still type a password the usual way (such as if you forget to bring the USB flash drive to work). And you can register more than one drive as well.

The system is secure by design: the ability to log on with a flash drive can't be replicated just by copying the flash drive on another PC. On the other hand, it's obvious that there is more risk with this approach, since all you need to log into the computer is the flash drive itself -- there's no password required. So, it's probably a good idea not to lose the flash drive you use with Password Booster Screen Lock.

To get started, install it from the website by choosing Getting Started and then Download Screen Lock.

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