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Load Programs, Sites, and Files in a Flash with Launchy 2.0

Do you reach for your mouse every time you want to run a program, open a Web favorite, or load a document? Believe it or not, you can do these things a lot faster with your keyboard. All you need is Launchy, a command-line launcher that lets you swing into action with just a few keystrokes.

The new version, Launchy 2.0, adds some polish to the interface (not that it really needed any) and expands the configuration options. Nothing too earth-shattering, but it gives me a good excuse to mention the program again. It's one of my favorites, and the only reason it didn't get a spot on my "Top Apps of 2007" list is that it wasn't new this year. As I said in my original write-up, the very idea of a text-based launcher may sound crazy at first, but trust me when I say you'll grow to love this thing.

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