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Living With The Legend

Is it really possible that he's gone? This week, in conjunction with CBS News 48 Hours, which rebroadcast a historic 1965 CBS profile of Sinatra, takes a look at the legendary star.

If you would like to order a videocassette of Thursday's 48 Hours special broadcast, call 1-800-934-NEWS.

Here's a guide to coverage:

Sinatra On The Web: A guide to some of the best Sinatra sites out there.

The Rat Pack: Frank's famous friends, the rakish characters who are an integral part of the Sinatra mystique.

What Do You Think? What's your favorite Sinatra song? Sinatra movie? Take the survey.

A Blue Eyes Timeline: When, where, how, who, and what. An interactive history of Sinatra and his times.

Mourning The Legend: Sinatra fans across America Friday mourned the death of a legendary entertainer and the end of an era.

Sinatra's Life, At A Glance: The milestones in his legendary life and career.

Sinatra In Pictures: A photographic look at the entertainer's life, friends, music, and films.

The Way He Wore His Hat: Sinatra's legacy reaches far beyond music, encompassing fashion, language, and style.

Come Dance With Me: Sinatra's Women: From his days as a teen idol, Ol' Blue Eyes had a way with women. A look at his many relationships, dalliances, and marriages.

A Friend Of Presidents: From FDR to JFK, Reagan to Clinton, Sinatra had ties to the White House.

His Way: Sinatra entertained us for 60 years. A Look at his long career

His Best Work: Sinatra recorded more than 200 albums. More than 40 books have tried to capture his essence. Which to choose? Some recommendations on listening and reading.

On The Silver Screen: Sinatra the movie star.

Sinatra Movies, 1941-1994: A comprehensive list of Sinatra films from 1941 through 1994.

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