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Little Steps to Thinking Big

Success is subjective: to some it is about money, to others power. To a few it may even be about gaining immortality.

Whatever it means for you here are 25 success tips to try out for size:

  • You are almost certainly more talented than you'd ever imagined. It's your duty to make the most of these talents.
  • Money matters. It gives you choices. But never be ruled by money. It may be a cliché, but you can't take it with you.
  • Doing things you believe to be worthwhile will make you feel and be successful.
  • Try to enjoy your own company. If you are a leader then you'll spend quite a lot of time by yourself.
  • Always give those above you honest feedback. Too few do. They'll value you as one of their honest barometers.
  • Flex your muscles. Try new things. Get out of your comfort zone. You are unlikely to get better there.
  • Have a plan and set yourself milestones.
  • Decide when you need to move on from everything you do. The emancipating effect of knowing that you have an exit plan will be extraordinary.
  • Don't take yourself too seriously.
  • Failure is a great teacher. Don't be frightened of it, learn from it and get better. And don't blame others when it happens.
  • Learn to see things from every point of view. The key to spectacular, breakthrough success is turning a convention upside down.
  • Avoid negative thinkers. Life is too short to be gloomy.
  • Learn new things every day. Write them down. You'll forget them otherwise.
  • Do more than you think you can. Not just work. Everything. Friends, family, hobbies, theatre, cinema, concerts, charity work (and go to the pub as well).
  • Try to spot patterns. Big pictures comprise shapes. If you can see relationships and shapes you can almost certainly see opportunities.
  • Build great teams. Be assiduous at discovering magic chemical mixes -- who works well with whom. Find people who make you feel good, look good and do well.
  • Successes have to talk a lot so work on your voice. Make it resonate. Enjoy the sound of it so that others will, too.
  • Have the courage of your convictions. Do not compromise on things you believe in.
  • Look after yourself. Diet. Sleep. Holidays. Try to do yourself justice. Fat and florid is not in fashion.
  • Be ambitious: as you reach a new level of excellence force yourself to the next level. Keep on improving.
  • Get things done. Complete tasks, don't be a finicky must-get-it-perfect person. Done well and on time is good. Done brilliantly but late is not.
  • Be informed. Keep up-to-date with new developments and earn the reputation of being a well-informed and curious person.
  • Get out and meet people. Visit stores where your products are displayed. Talk to your customers and consumers. Be on the move, not stuck behind your PC.
  • Spend time with your boss, get to know them and what they are looking for. Being aligned with those around you is simply common sense.
  • First impressions count. Don't go into your meeting without an agenda, without a point of view and without your best listening ears pinned back.

Richard Hall's "The Secrets of Success at Work" is published in May by FT Prentice Hall in May.

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