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LinkedIn master? 3 new moves to try today

(MoneyWatch) If you consider yourself an old hand at creating connections, here are three new ways to use the largest professional networking site. (Haven't even filled out your profile yet? Read thisfirst.)

Check who has viewed your updates

If you're a LinkedIn regular, you probably update your feed by adding industry-related comments, tweaking your profile or sharing articles via LinkedIn Today. But is it working? "On LinkedIn you've always been able to see who has viewed your profile, but thanks to a new feature you can now track who has viewed your updates and how your connections engaged with the information you are sharing," says LinkedIn's career expert Nicole Williams. "This tool will enable you to track and study your social media analytics." In other words, take notes and adjust accordingly. "Remember -- building influence and expertise isn't going to happen by spamming your network. It will happen once you learn to share smarter," says Williams.

Use the alumni feature

Once you've connected with current and former colleagues, don't forget to do the same with former classmates. "If you know your freshman year roommate works at Oracle but you're not sure of their contact information, you just might be able to find them via the alumni feature on LinkedIn," says Williams. You can also track industries, specific companies, as well as skills and locations of graduates. "This is a great feature to utilize if you are thinking of going back to school and want to target the best school for your career," says Williams.

Ask for approval

Recommendations from clients, former co-workers, employers and vendors can put you in prime position for snagging new business or getting a new job, says Williams. "This can help qualify you in a field where people don't know you. Recommendations not only save potential employers time but are one of the most effective ways of getting noticed."

This is part 3 of a three-part series on job searching during the summer. Check out part 1, "Rev up your resume today and part 2, Should you stay connected on Summer Fridays?

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