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Lindsey Graham says U.S. should threaten military option against North Korea

N. Korea fires longest missile yet
N. Korea fires longest missile yet 02:58

Sen. Lindsey Graham said Friday that the U.S. should threaten a "credible military option" against North Korea because he suggested that the United Nations sanctions aren't effectively deterring the regime.

The South Carolina Republican expressed these thoughts in a series of tweets after North Korea launched an intermediate range missile from its capital Pyongyang early Friday over Japan.

There had been talk about possible military options when President Trump last month said that North Korea would be "met with fire and fury" if the regime continued with its provocative actions. He then said that the U.S. military has long been "locked and loaded" when it comes to North Korea.

The president has also made clear since the campaign, however, that the U.S. won't tip its hand when it comes to revealing military plans and operations. 

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