Lewinsky Won't Fall On Her Sword

Monica Lewinsky will tell her story to a grand jury even if she receives only limited immunity from prosecution, CBS News Capitol Hill correspondent Bob Schieffer reports.

"She isn't going to protect anyone,"Schieffer quoted one source as saying.

Lewinsky's lawyer, William Ginsberg, said the former White House intern"has no intention of falling on her sword." Lewinsky is scheduled to testify Thursday.

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In a related development Lewinsky's mother, Marcia Lewis, spent nearly three hours before the grand jury Tuesday after being ordered to testify by U.S. District Judge Norma Holloway.

Ginsburg continued to insist that special prosecutor Kenneth Starr go through with a deal to grant Lewinsky total immunity from prosecution. He was expected to file secret court motions seeking to put off any appearance until the issue is resolved.

Ginsburg said Lewinsky is "absolutely mortified" to have her family entangled in the investigation.

"It's a terrible thing to have her mother dragged into this," Ginsburg said. He added, "it seems like they were trying to squeeze us by interrogating the brother" of Ms. Lewinsky, who was questioned by FBI agents at his fraternity house in Pennsylvania last week.

Ginsburg said Lewinsky, faced with an order to testify on Thursday, would "do what she has to do given the situation she finds herself in. She will not go to jail like Susan McDougal." McDougal has been jailed for contempt since September 1996 for refusing to testify in the Whitewater investigation.

In other developments:

  • Susan Webber Wright, the federal judge overseeing the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit, rejected President Clinton's attempt to move up the trial to March, and said she would leave the May 27 trial date intact. Wright also disclosed that Jones' lawyers were asking her to reconsider an earlier ruling that excluded evidence about Lewinsky from the Jones trial.
  • Clinton's lawyer filed papers in Arkansas opposing a petition to unseal the president's deposition in the Jones, saying its release would disrupt the presidency and prevent a fair trial. Clinton denied having a sexual relationship with Lewinsky in that deposition, according to sources familiar with the testimony.
  • Administration officials confirmed that investigators have subpoenaed Nancy Hernreich, Clinton's longtime personal assistant in Arkansas and Washington and supervisor of daily Oval Office operations.

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