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Let's Help This Guy Out!

Here's a perfect example of the kind of nuts-and-bolts problems that sales reps face every day. This guy has a a superior product/service combination, but can't get traffic into his store. He's following the standard MBA advice and advertised on the radio and in newspapers and (surprise!!) hasn't gotten any response. I've got some suggestions for him, but I'm curious what you guys can come up with. Here's his email:
I work for a Sprint Preferred Retailer. We have three locations. Here recently we have been struggling to get people through the door. Once we get them in the door our closing percentage is good. All the locations are in smaller communities. What suggestions do you have for getting the customer through the door? We do radio and newspaper ads but neither are very effective. Our customer service is rated highest in the industry and our rate plans have proven more affordable then the competitors. So do you have any suggestions?
READERS: So, how about it? Got any suggestions? I think he's got some sales resources lying around that he hasn't yet noticed...
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