Let Your Windows XP Computer Impersonate Windows 7

Your computer is just a business tool, like an electric stapler and that shredder the boss uses to destroy your company's audit trail. But while I've never seen a stapler cozy, I do know that people go to great lengths to personalize their PC. So why not run a few free programs to make your Windows XP computer look and work like Windows 7?

Lifehacker has found NiwradSoft Seven Remix XP, a theme pack that convincingly gives your computer a Windows 7 look and feel, complete with boot screen, desktop, and start menu. Of course, there's no integrated search box in the Start menu or folders, but NiwradSoft is giving you a theme pack, not a miracle.

From there, you can add additional Windows 7 desktop behavior, such as Aero Snap, Aero Shake, and Aero Peek. When you're done, daydream about switching to Windows 7. Go ahead and try -- after all, it's Friday.