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Let Shoeboxed Scan Your Receipts, Store Them in Evernote

You probably already know that we're big fans of Evernote. And now, thanks to Shoeboxed, you can now automate the process of scanning and archiving your receipts in Evernote as well.

Shoeboxed is a service that provides Netflix-like envelopes to mail in your printed receipts. They scan your receipts and post them online -- a great service, especially handy around tax time. Now Evernote is in the mix: Once your receipts land in the Shoeboxed Web site, you can export them to Evernote to have a fully searchable database of billing receipts in the same place as all your other online notes.

The whole process works great, and it's amazingly convenient, though Shoeboxed feels a little overpriced. Sure, there's a free account, but that means you have to scan the receipts yourself and manually upload them to Shoeboxed. For $10/month, you can mail in 50 receipts per month with your own stamp, and Shoeboxed scans your receipts and extracts all the relevant details so your financial data is fully searchable. It's only when you get to $20/month that you can send as many as 150 receipts per month with free Netflix-like envelopes.

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