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Lessons From a Pop Band

Several years ago I took a stab at managing a pop band. They were good musicians. I was an okay manager. Together we failed abysmally. I think I know why.

Before I talk about the band, let me tell you about my son. Oh, go on he's so cool.

Like most eight year olds, Master Gerrish frequently attempts feats requiring great skill and courage.

Sometimes the pursuits are really impressive, other times they are somewhat dull, and now and again they are spectacularly overshadowed by the white-knuckle drive to the nearest Accident & Emergency.

The point is, like most young boys he always aims high and simply doesn't accept climbing halfway up a tree.

To our detriment, the pop band were different and so was I.

The pop band really wanted some groovy t-shirts with their name on and a highly polished demo recording. I duly supplied both.

For my part, I fancied the idea of telling girls I managed a pop band and so got myself some snazzy Duck and Dive Management business cards. Too easy.

Accoutrements aside, we met with no commercial success. I now put this down to the fact the pop band and I settled for climbing half way up the tree. It was nice. The branch was comfortable and we all got our needs met.

I still have the demo recordings and a small pile of cards and as you can see, continue to milk the adventure for all it's worth. But I wonder, could it have been something much more tangible?

Very possibly.

Realistically though, success could only have come if we'd aimed higher and demanded rather more of ourselves.

Pursuing goals is one thing, setting them is another. How has your goal setting been this year? Could you aim higher next year?

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