LessAccounting.com's Allan Branch: 'I Couldn't Do My Job Without...'

Ever wonder what apps and gear busy entrepreneurs use to boost their productivity, stay organized, and maintain their sanity? In our ongoing series, we ask company CEOs, founders, and other influential business folks to reveal their tech essentials.

The Entrepreneur: Allan Branch, co-founder of LessAccounting.com.

The Business: LessAccounting.com is a Web-based bookkeeping tool for business owners who hate accounting -- which is pretty much all of them.

The Tech Tools That Make His Life Easier: "KissInsights.com and Optimizely.com, which help us refine our sales funnel on LessAccounting. Our goal is to show our app's value proposition as efficiently as possible to our site visitors. KissInsights.com allows me to ask my users, 'What's keeping you from signing up?' Optimizely.com allows me to A/B test our site to see how people react and convert to our revisions."

Specs: KissInsights.com and Optimizely.com both offer free trials. After that, the former costs around $29 per month, while the latter has multiple plans starting at $17 per month.

If you're a CEO, founder, or all-around Important Person, we'd like to hear how you'd fill in this blank: "I couldn't do my job without _____." Ping me at bizhacks@gmail.com.
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