'Lennon Revealed'

book, Lennon Revealed
Running Press Book Publishers
For Beatles fans, Dec. 8, 1980 is a day that will never be forgotten, and if John Lennon were still alive, he would be 65 years old Sunday, Oct. 9.

Journalist Larry Kane is one of the few Americans lucky enough to have followed the Beatles on tour back in 1964 and 1965, and he has written a new book, "Lennon Revealed."

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"John was a man who was not afraid to say in public what he felt in private," Kane says, "and as a result he often got into trouble. People didn't expect their celebrities to make comments about the world, and when I say this he was an equal opportunity protester — not necessarily liberal or conservative (although people did think he was liberal) — he really just hated people who espoused violence."

Don't miss his interview on The Saturday Early Show, as he offers an insightful look at the real John Lennon.