LeBron James: Still chasing that NBA ring

Basketball is a team sport but if the Miami Heat don't win the NBA championship, you can be sure one man will take most of the blame: King James.

All of South Beach is breathing a huge sigh of relief now that the Miami Heat have overcome the pesky Boston Celtics to advance to the NBA Finals. And no one's probably happier than LeBron James.

It looked like another chapter in the book of "Collapse" was being written when LeBron and company allowed the Celtics back from the dead to take a 3-2 series lead in the Eastern Conference championships. Then LeBron stepped up mightily in game six, scoring 45 points and pulling down 15 rebounds to square things up and bring a game seven back to Miami.

Game Seven was all Heat, as Boston ran out of shots and gas and looked their age, losing 101-88. LeBron led the way with 31 points and 12 rebounds, setting up a showdown now with the new kid in town, Kevin Durant.

The Finals tip-off Tuesday night in Oklahoma City. I see that a lot of "experts" are picking the Thunder. Some of those "experts" might just be "LeBron haters" in disguise. Take a look at Steve Kroft's interview with LeBron (below), which originally aired in March of 2009, while LeBron was still welcome in Cleveland. Then tell us who you pick: Miami or Oklahoma City? I'm going with Miami. And I must know what I'm talking about because I was certain Boston was going to win.