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Learn2 Avoid Home Burglary 3

Step 3:(Optional) Play the Canine Card
Dogs, even the small yip-yip variety, have sharp teeth and a way of noisily not welcoming stealthy intruders. But a dog is more than an organic alarm. It's a living creature, and it'll need a lifetime of love, care, attention and exercise. If you can genuinely welcome a dog into your life, it will welcome the task of protecting you. But if you're a cat person (or a guppy person) at heart, then look into an electronic security system.

  • The recording of a bark, as sometimes suggested, may only be effective for particularly gullible burglars. Some people have a playback system that's triggered by the doorbell, but the cause-and-effect (push, bark, push, bark) is a little too easy to discern. A Beware of Dog sign is better than nothing; for an added touch of verisimilitude, get a sign that refers to a specific breed rather than the generic Dog. A "Beware of Weimarauner" sign (or a bumper sticker that says "I Love My Pit Bull") might do the trick.

Look into a home security system. Some companies offer surprisingly affordable packages. Sometimes, the equipment and installation are free, and your cost is simply a monthly maintenance fee.

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