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Learn the Basics of PC Backups

We're not the only ones who preach the Gospel of Making Regular Backups (can I get an "AMEN!"). PC Magazine just posted The Beginner's Guide to PC Backup, a fine primer for anyone who knows they should be doing the deed but doesn't know how to start.

For example, here's what you need to know about preserving your drivers. Yes, drivers:

If you've got peripherals, you've got drivers. That's the software that makes your computer talk to video cards, printers, scanners, and the like. Don't neglect backing up these handy files or you might have to rummage through every manufacturer's Web site to get them when you're stuck doing an emergency restore.

Simple Windows software apps like DriverBackup 2 or Double Driver do the job, and they're both free. For real power, get DriverMax, which does backup and restore and looks to make sure you've got the most up-to-date drivers. It's also free.

The guide covers not only what to back up, but also different types of backups and what tools and services to use for each.

Granted, the author mentions a lot of items we've covered here before, like Dropbox, Pogoplug, and longtime favorite Xmarks. But it's very handy to have these and other solutions aggregated in one thorough guide. My advice: read it, learn it, live it.

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