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Learn How to Protect Important Files with TrueCrypt

Ever stop to think what would happen if your flash drive went missing? Or your laptop? Password protection might prevent a casual thief from accessing your vital files and documents, but anyone with a little know-how can easily bypass that.

Encryption, on the other hand, is pretty much bulletproof: Unless you supply the correct password and/or encryption keys, your data stays locked up tighter than Fort Knox.

Okay, but doesn't encryption require special software, and doesn't that software cost a pretty penny? Special software, yes; cost, no -- if you use open-source encryption tool TrueCrypt, that is.

All this may seem a little intimidating to novice users, which is why it's worth spending nine minutes with TechRepublic's Bill Detwiler, whose File encryption made simple with TrueCrypt video walks you through downloading, installing, and setting up the program. Watch it here:

Needless to say, if you're looking for a free and effective way to protect your most critical data, TrueCrypt is the answer. And now you know how to use it.

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